No summertime. No valentine.

»I’ll let the music play while love lies softly bleeding
In heavy hands on shadow lands
As thunderclouds roll in sunset is receding
No summer wine, no Valentine

Some rivers still run dry and jungles burn to embers
Gold autumn days must fade to grey
There is a reason why a haunted man remembers
One frozen night, his darkest day

A passion killed by acid rain
A roller coaster in my brain
But how would you know?
In your satin, silk and lace
Another time, another place

A love let loose and painted black
A train stuck on a broken track
Well, I’ll let it go
Rock ’n‘ roll has healed my soul
The stage is set, on with the show

A tiger trapped inside a cage
An actor on an empty stage
Come see the show
Rock ’n‘ roll can heal your soul
When broken hearts lose all control«

Eiríkur Hauksson: Valentine Lost

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