It takes a lot – It takes a lot to know each other.

»It takes a lot to know a man
It takes a lot to understand
The warrior, the sage
The little boy enraged
the father and the son
the hunter and the gun

It takes a lot to know a woman
A lot to understand what’s humming
A lot to comprehend what’s coming
The honey-bee, the stings
The little girl with wings
The mother and the child
The using of the guide?

It takes a lot to give / to live
to ask for help
to be yourself
to know and love what you live with

It takes a lot to be / to breathe
to touch, to feel
the slow reveal
of what another body needs

What are you so afraid to lose?
(Tell me, tell me, you’re Nervous and you’re sorry…)
(crying like, a baby saying this thing is killing me)
What is it you’re thinking that will happen if you do?
What is it you carry on your bag?
What is it you notice when you know you can’t laugh?«

Damien Rice: It Takes A Lot To Know A Man