„I was too late to see the signs.“

»Oh, I remember when this road was my own
I pray to god, I just don’t know anymore
I lost the feeling but I try to hold on
I thought the end of a love is what made you strong

When there’s no getting through
I won’t hold back
I will throw down anything in life, I know now
I’ve been lyin‘ on the floor
Sleeping on the ground
I will give up everything in life, I know how

Cause I can’t stop wondering
If I was too late to see the signs
If I could go back with hands up
I’d look up to the sky

Oh, when the moon was shining bright before mornin‘
I made a deal with the stars to keep holdin‘
Shinin‘ bright to come and bring me back home
The lights in my eyes, they disappeared
The visions in my mind are enough to keep me from fear
I won’t let it hold me down
The other way around
I don’t want the words to, I can’t make a sound

Can’t hold back, reachin‘ out
I was livin‘ in the heat in the moment
Between us, I told you that
I’d give into to you«

Calvin Harris: Pray to god