„Alles, was die Schönheit mir gegeben hat, ist eine Sehnsucht nach Menschen und Dingen, die ich mir nie leisten konnte. Schönheit, du machst mich traurig.“

»Beauty, you make me sad
All you beautiful babies been had
Who’ll be able to love you for
What you, what you really are?

Beauty, what is your face?
What has it given the human race?
All that it has given me is a longing for
People and things I could never afford

Ah, beauty, now that the walls of Troy are tumbling down
And poor Oscar Wilde’s verdict is out
And the Hope diamond’s up for auction

And what about Michael Jackson?
And I’m smoking again
In the morning looking at

Beauty, look at me
You who did line the apple once offered Eve
I fear you line the world we see
Filled with goodness only hidden by

Beauty, you make me sad
You make me sad
You make me sad«

Linda Thompson, Antony Hegarty: Beauty

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