„Hope you’re still here when I wake up!“

»I’ve seen tricks like this before,
I’ve been shaken to the core
and I got over it.

I’ve been busted by the blues
They said: „You’re crazy!“
But I knew,
I was crazy ‚cause of you.

We still go ahead,
head up to the bed
and all that’s in my head is
When I wake up to yawn
and when I streched my arm
Did it do the charm

We fool around and fall apart
Yeah we sure perfect the art
and we get over it

These busted knees and killer bees
They beat the shit right out of me
and I got over it

Hope you’re still here when I wake up
I hope you’re here when I wake up
Hope you’re still here when I wake up«

Lions Head: When I Wake Up

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