„Etwas so Richtiges hat keine Chance zu leben!“

»You want all my love and my devotion
You want my love and soul, right on the line
I’ve had no doubts that I could love you, forever

The only trouble is, You really don’t have the time
You’ve got One Night Only, One Night Only that’s all we have to spare

One Night Only, lets not pretend to care
One Night Only, One Night Only come on big baby come on
One Night Only we only have till dawn

When the morning this feeling will be gone, has no chance going on
Something so right has got no chance to live
So lets forget about chances, Its One Night I will give

One Night Only, One Night Only you’ll be the only one
One Night Only, then you’ll have to run
One Night Only, One Night Only there’s nothing more to say
One Night Only, once get in the way
One Night Only, One Night Only, One Night Only«

Jennifer Hudson, Beyoncé One Night Only

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