„Heute Abend schreiben wir Geschichte.“

» Mr. Worldwide
Let’s celebrate

We’ve been around the world, say ain’t so
Work hard, play hard, all day long
All the get jealous over me
You can see me 3D overseas
If you know me then you know
Off to the Bahamas
Baby pick it up, pick it up, pick it up

And we gon‘

I’ve been patientely waiting for you to shake and shake it
Make it or take it
The point is who made it
Quarter by the game, how I lost time ready
And it’s not our fault that we have all the ladies
But it’s hard to see these ladies when your middle name is Equator
All around the globe, matter fact see your later
They great at war, world dominators
And we’re also some smooth operators, and we gon‘

We gon‘
Boom boom around the world
Boom boom no kidding girl
Boom boom
That’s the way we like to play

Live it up
It’s a good time, so we give you
Now live it up, live it up, live it up
What you wanna do?

I just wanna celebrate
I just wanna celebrate
Tonight we’re making history
I just wanna celebrate

Turn it up
Let’s celebrate «


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